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Care Homes & Nurseries

Waste removal needs of Care Homes & Nurseries

Waste removal needs of Care Homes and nurseries are really quite simple and straightforward. Generally, these institutions require Dry Mixed Recycling Service, a General Waste Service and a Clinical Service (for nappies etc). The number of bins will depend on the size of the business. But you must also evaluate the storage space available to keep the bins and inform the waste collection service provider on the suitable timings for collection. At, we understand these issues well and guide you accordingly.

Our waste collection service will educate you on the needs and benefits of recycling. By doing so, you reduce the general waste production and increase the recycling rate. Apart from being legally compliant and environmental friendly you save a lot of money as well. We will guide you on clinical and hazardous waste management, from helping you in completing the required paperwork to the safe storage of hazardous items on your premises.

We conduct a full site audit of your premises to ensure that the recommended bins fit into your bin store and are sufficient for all the waste that might be generated. We also encourage you to introduce room by room recycling bins, not only to educate the inmates but also to reduce the cost of general waste disposal. From our experience, we have seen that a centre with about 50 children per day will create about 50 bags of waste which can be split in equal measure between general waste and dry mixed recycling.

We would suggest a starting service of

1100 1 x 1100L General Waste
1100 1 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling
660 1 x 660L Clinical Waste

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