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Dentists, Pharmacy & GP’s – Waste removal

We at are experts in the area of waste collection and disposal from medical establishments such as clinics of dentists, pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries. This requires specific expertise as the waste generated here can take on many forms and is likely to be a mix of general waste, dry mixed recycling, clinical waste and hazardous waste.

The processes of disposal of each are unique and even come under the purview of strict statutory regulations. It is for this reason that we provide a wide range of services which cater to the many types of waste streams produced. Apart from it, also offers one off clearances and bulky waste disposal facilities.

Our Services to You

Because of the complexities of waste collection from medical establishments, we always suggest that a full site audit be carried out before entering into a contract. This is to ensure that you get accurate advice from the very beginning regarding the correct bins for each type and quantity of waste expected to be generated. You will also be helped to overcome any issues you might have had with other suppliers and service providers in this regard.

A typical small Dental Practice or pharmacy may require:

240 1 x 240L General Waste
240 1 x 240L Dry Mixed Recycling

A large Dentist or Doctors’ Practice may require:

1100 1 x 1100L General Waste
1100 1 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling

We will provide a highly secure and fully compliant service when dealing with any clinical or hazardous waste.  We make sure that the relevant paperwork has been done and that any hazardous items are safely stored on your premises prior to disposal. For further details and information call us at 0203 137 5427.

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