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Education Sites

Waste removal requirements at Educational sites

We at are experts in waste collection and recycling and understand that educational sites have special waste collection needs which vary among institutions. Waste generated by schools, colleges and universities will not be similar in nature. Even the strategies for those with a kitchen will be different from those without one. Schools need services at a fixed time which will be outside school hours.

They might even need services for 39 weeks out of 52 in a year, keeping out the vacation period. Universities usually are spread out over a large area with hostels, mess and teaching blocks. Here, multiple collection points are required with onsite recycling facilities. Special end of term clear outs may also be needed before the university closes for vacations. is well equipped to tackle educational sites waste which consist of food waste, general waste and dry mixed recycling waste.

Our services for waste collection

Our waste collection services are geared to any situation and type of waste. We give below a few of them 

  • We offer 39 weeks of collection stretching up to 52, taking vacations into account. Special end of semester clean outs and one off removal of bulky items are also considered.
  • With the Schedule 2 changes, all schools will become liable for full trade waste costs and will not benefit from the previous cross-subsidy. We recommend that a serious thought be given by schools to recycling options now.
  • We will connect you to educational and recycling charities who will educate the students on the benefits of recycling as a shield against environmental decay.
  • If the institution has a kitchen, we will help in setting up a food waste recycling facility onsite. Coupled with reduction in general waste, there will be substantial amount of savings in waste removal costs.
  • We will introduce internal recycling bins in each classroom and communal area. Every time a waste is created it will be an educational event on waste disposal for the students.
  • For large educational sites such as universities, we offer multiple collection points to avoid unnecessary movement of waste. We can also install onsite processing systems.

A typical primary school site would require:

1100 2 x 1100L General Waste
1100 2 x 1100L General Waste
1100 2 x 1100L General Waste

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