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Waste Removal – Industrial Estates & Warehousing

Industrial estates and warehousing sites generate all categories of waste. However, warehousing sites have a lot more recyclable waste than general waste. Cardboard and other packing and shipping materials form the bulk of recyclables. Industrial estates waste on the other hand can be in any form and quantity.

Apart from general waste and dry mixed recycling type, a lot of hazardous waste which require specialized disposal processes may also be generated from manufacturing units in the industrial estates. In such a complex situation, will offer you specific solutions for each type of waste. We are experts in this field and strictly follow all statutory norms for waste removal. You can either opt for a central contract or individual contracts for each business. Either way, we will provide customized solutions to cater to your requirements.

What do we offer will offer you tailor made solutions that are industry specific. No waste is too big or too small to be taken care of. From huge bales of cardboard to small amounts of general waste or even hazardous waste, we have the ability to efficiently dispose them all. When you contact us, we will first carry out a full onsite audit to determine your requirements. We will then suggest the appropriate bins that will not only fit your bin store but will adequately cover the volume of waste you produce. This will be based on the premise that the weight limit of a bin is 70-80 kilos per cubic meter. This must be uppermost in mind when the contract is signed.

For a small Industrial site, we would suggest a service including:

660 1 x 660L Dry Mixed Recycling
660 1 x 660L Dry Mixed Recycling

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