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Leisure & Cinema – waste collection needs

Cinema and leisure outlets such as gyms, swimming pools and sports centres produce a lot of waste which are generally not much different from each other. However, creation of food waste and dry mixed recycling products like waste plastic and paper cups and cardboard are much more here than general waste. For this reason it is essential to have recycling waste clearance as the main component in place along with a regular reliable low priced general waste collection scheme. Many outlets have kitchens too so food waste recycling collection would be a good option.

Cinemas often have to dispose of printing and photographic chemical waste. This comes under hazardous waste and has strict regulations regarding its disposal. has years of experience in this field and we will guide you with the necessary paperwork as well as disposal methods. There are exacting standards that have to be met and we will take care of everything.

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We always advise our leisure outlets and swimming pools customers to concentrate on maximizing recycling and minimizing general waste. If there is a bar on site, recycling glass is encouraged. This optimizes savings in total waste disposal costs. For swimming pools, we guide them on the correct method of disposal of pool chemicals since it falls in the category of hazardous materials and legal requirements have to be met.

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For detailed clarifications to any queries you may have in mind, call us at 0203 137 5427. Our full site audit process checks your storage capacity and your levels of waste production. will ensure a smooth set up of the service and any change over is handled by us.

For a public swimming pool and gym we would suggest a starting set up of

1100 2 x 1100L General Waste 1100 2 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling 240 2 x 240L Glass Recycling
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