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Outline of the business needs

The main characteristic of office waste is that the major portion of it can be recycled. If one has to analyze the trash generated, it will be seen that the percentage of general waste will be quite low. Office recyclable waste includes about 60-80% paper, printer toners, plastic bottles and cups and food and drink packaging. General waste might only consist of old electrical items. Recycling items results in reducing clutter and clearing up valuable floor space.

Once this process is adhered to, there is a marked reduction in total cost of waste disposal. Confidential paper can be disposed off after shredding them. It can be done either on-site or off-site as per your convenience. offers customized solutions that meet every aspect of office waste disposal.

Services offered by us

We have answers to any of your requirement. First we will have a Dry Mixed Recycling service in place for all the recyclables. This will be the bulk of the waste. Next will be the minimal general waste collection and finally, confidential waste disposal through shredding of documents. All these will run simultaneously and we will guide you on maintenance of individual bins for each category. We will carry out a full onsite audit and tell you what will be the most suitable for you and how to handle waste that will result in a saving for you. All companies with or without adequate storage space will benefit from our opinion.

For large producers of waste paper who have on site storage and space, a baling machine may be an option and this can be priced by calling us on 0203 137 5427. We also directly liaise with cleaning contractors who manage waste disposal on behalf of an office or building to ensure correct segregation of waste for disposal.

A call to the above number will get you all office waste disposal clarifications that you might possibly want including near accurate no obligation quote. Our contracts too are very flexible and can be changed as per the volume of waste generated.

Our Suggested Service Level

For a small office employing up to 30 people, we would suggest you have

360 1 x 360L General Waste
1100 1 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling

For a large office employing approximately 300 people, we would suggest a starting set up of

1100 1 x 1100L General Waste
1100 3 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling
240 1 x 240L Confidential Waste


Please call us - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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