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Waste removal- restaurants / cafes / pubs

Restaurants, cafes and pubs generally produce large quantities of waste. Disposing of it by following strict statutory norms often becomes a headache for the owner. We at understand this and have designed our services to take the burden off your shoulders. We will take complete charge of your waste disposal needs while you are free to take care of the customers.

Further, by following our recommendations, you will be minimizing your expenditure in this aspect. We always suggest that you should segregate and put glass and food waste in appropriate recycling containers. This will reduce the possibility of a single heavy bin. By distributing the weight and creating lighter bins, you reduce the expenditure of waste removal.

What we have to offer

Our services to different commercial establishments vary in accordance with their specific and unique needs. For restaurants, cafes and pubs we offer the following suggestions –

  • The minimum frequency of waste food collection is weekly. You may also have large volumes of packaging material which has to be collected separately and recycled through a dry mixed recycling container.

  • Generally, bins have a limit of 70-80 kilos per cubic meter. This has to be kept in mind when you enter into a contract with us. The size of the bin required by you with and what its filled weight would be has to be given careful thought.

  • You should know the collection timings that will be convenient for you. We will adjust our timings accordingly and give you specific collection days to pick up your waste. You can opt for collection after close of your business.

  • You can request for a full onsite audit to advise you on the appropriate bins to fit your bin store and cover the volume of waste that is likely to be generated.

  • For busy seasons when extra waste is likely to be produced, we will adjust our services accordingly to cover it.

  • Initially, we will offer a onetime clearance of such surplus items as discarded furniture or appliances.

  • From our experience we have seen that the approximate waste generated by restaurants and cafes to be one bag per cover per week. This would be the same for pubs that serve food.  For pubs selling drinks only, the volumes would be less and would be mainly packaging (dry mixed recycling). This can form the basis of the contract.

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