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Shopping Centres

Waste collection needs of shopping centres have years of experience in waste collection and processing from shopping centres. These can be huge shopping malls or the smaller sized groups of retail outlets. We have seen that shopping centres generate very high levels of dry mixed cycling waste and only a moderate quantity of general waste. The former generally comprises of packing and shipping materials of cardboard and plastics. Due to the bulk quantities of these materials, shopping sites often face storage issues.

Our Service to You

The first point in services provided by is that we offer a regular and reliable service to meet your waste and recycling needs. We can also advise and set up recycling points for the public as well as for your commercial tenants. This has two advantages. By maximizing recycling you are effectively bringing down the cost of waste collections. And by doing so, you will be improving your environmental credentials. We will guide you all the way in this regard. We have the relevant experience in advising large sites on the best way to reduce waste levels.

To get the maximum out of us, we always recommend that you have a fixed time for daily collections. That way we will be able to optimize the waste collection process. But we can accommodate different days and times as per your convenience too. However, we have seen that the best time for waste collection is around the closing hours. Neither the shop owners nor the shoppers will be inconvenienced in any manner.

Our Suggested Service Level

A suggested service level for a medium sized shopping centre would be:

1100 2 x 1100L General Waste Twice a Day, 7 Days a Week

1100 2 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling Twice a Day, 7 Days a Week

Please call us - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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