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Retail outlets and waste removal is an expert in the field of retail waste removal. We have seen from our experience that almost 80% of retail waste is made up of shipping and packaging materials. After removing the stock from inside, they have to be disposed off as quickly as possible. Keeping them on the premises will take up a lot of valuable floor space which otherwise can be put to better use.

This is particularly true for glitzy shopping malls and city centres where space is always at a premium. Further, if your retail outlet is in the heart of busy areas, waste collection might be a problem since entry of big garbage disposal trucks will hold up traffic during peak trading hours. However, we at have the experience and the expertise to get around these obstacles. We will design a reliable, regular and appropriate collection service that will bypass all these logistic issues.

Our range of services

Due to the specific nature of waste generated by them, most retail outlets will do well to put their waste in collections specifically meant for Dry Mixed Recycling. The advantage here is twofold. First, it is cheaper than general waste collections and second, it can be put in different types of bins and sacks. Further, if storage is a problem, we advise you to use our sack service meant for Dry Recycling These sacks are clearly marked and legally compliant with statutory Local Authority regulations.

You can leave them on the highway for being picked up after getting our collection timings. We sell sacks in lots of 100. Once you buy them, you only have to pay for the disposal service till the stocks last. For larger chains of retail outlets, we suggest that you send the packaging material back up the supply chain to the warehouse where it can be bundled together and collected at a lower composite price.  This also reduces the storage issue at each shop.

Our Suggested Service Level

If you do have a bin store area, we would suggest

1100 1 x 1100L Dry Mixed Recycling

1100 1 x 1100LDry Mixed Recycling

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Every retailer will have his own specific needs and the above are only examples. For full details and services offered by us and what will suit you best, call us at 0203 137 5427. We can guarantee that we will have a solution for you.

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