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Confidencial Waste

Confidential waste has unique characteristics of its own. Generally it is not clubbed with garbage or trash in the strict sense of the word. But it is no less important to ensure that important or classified papers, documents or hard discs do not fall into the wrong hands. So once their utility is over, they have to be treated and processed in a manner to make it useless to everybody.

We at ensure that all the confidential waste generated by you is disposed off in an efficient manner and under strict control and monitoring by us. It is done as per legal requirements and in most cases, the material is recycled. This form of waste generally consists of paper, documents, files, videos, hard drives and whatever else that you would want to be destroyed so that no traces of the original remains.

Some of the special benefits offered by us include

  • Totally guaranteed and secured disposal
  • Onsite or offsite shredding. If you want the work to be carried out in your establishment, we will gladly oblige.
  • Secured bags and bins of all sizes are available for this form of waste depending on the requirement
  • Along with confidential waste disposal and recycling, our services also include general waste removal. This eliminates the need for multiple contractors.
  • Nationwide service so that you can contact us wherever you are
  • Trained personnel for confidential waste disposal

For more information, contact us at 0203 137 5427 and we will guide you in this regard. We will also give an instant no obligation quote and fair advice on the correct range of services that will be most suitable for you. The quote will be regionally accurate and very reasonable and affordable.

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