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Glass Recycling

It is a statutory obligation on the part of waste removal agencies to ensure that trash is segregated for reuse or recycling. is no exception and our track record in this regard is excellent.

Recycling of glass is a major component of the waste removal package that we provide. Our collection frequency ranges from daily to fortnightly and depends solely on your convenience and the amount of waste glass generated. The kinds of glass that you can put in our bins include brown, clear, green, mixed, bottles, jars and containers. In short, any form of waste glass that you can possibly have. The glass collected from you is first taken to a glass processor. There it is mixed with virgin glass to make new bottles and jars. This keeps glass out of landfills and enables us to adhere to the laws of the land regarding waste removal and recycling.

Dealing with us has the following benefits

  • Glass is disposed of cheaply
  • Avoid penalties for heavy bins
  • Bags and all bin sizes available
  • Not subject to annual UK Landfill Tax increases
  • Regional pricing ensures you get the lowest price in your area
  • One company can deal with all your waste and recycling needs
  • Nationwide Service
  • Dedicated UK customer service team

Our charges are very competitive and are among the lowest for the region. Call us at 0203 137 5427 to get an exhaustive feedback about our services. Email us with your address and postcode, tell us your requirement and we will get back with an up to date, regionally accurate, instant no obligation quote of our services. Not only that, we will give you fair and honest advice based on your needs with an offer of the relevant range of services.

Please call us - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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