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Mixed Recycling

Did you know that it is now law that all commercial waste has to undergo some form of recycling before disposal in a landfill? With increasing strictures and landfill tax charges in the pipeline, it makes sense for businesses to introduce or expand their recycling services.

For a start, call us now. We will set up user friendly recycling services that will run along with your existing waste service. Or opt for our comprehensive package of waste management and maximum recycling within your budget. To reduce cost of waste service, put matter for recycling directly in that particular bin. This change will generate enough surplus funds to set up a recycling option. We have the professional expertise to work out the best combination of waste and recycling services most appropriate to your business needs.

Our standard mixed recycling bins and sacks are available in a range of sizes and will be collected daily or fortnightly as per your convenience and volume of waste generated. The main materials that can be recycled are: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Cans, Glass, Food, Toner cartridges, Batteries and all electrical goods (WEEE). These can be collected as a single stream or through a standard mixed recycling service.

Our mixed recycling service has the following benefits –

  • One bin for all your dry mixed recycling
  • Bags and all bin sizes available
  • Not subject to annual UK Landfill Tax increases
  • Regional pricing ensures you get the lowest price in your area
  • One company can deal with all your waste and recycling needs
  • Nationwide Service
  • Dedicated UK customer service team

Getting in contact with us and arranging a contract is simple and can be easily done online. Tell us what you require and get an online quote. Once you agree, we will send you the agreement via email, complete them online and we will do the rest.

Please call us - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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