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Paper Recycling

The need for paper recycling has taken on great dimensions in today’s world and offer this service on a commercial basis. The paper recycling services are aimed at businesses and commercial establishments where paper is ultimately a waste product. We organize regular collections of waste paper which can be on a daily or fortnightly basis according to your convenience and the volume generated. Different bin sizes to suit your needs are provided by us. Our regional prices for collections are quite low and affordable. Give us a call for all details.

Our range of paper recycling services include

  • Bins that are suitable to take paper and cardboard
  • Bags and bins that are available in all sizes
  • Not subject to annual UK Landfill Tax increases
  • Regional pricing ensures you get the lowest price in your area
  • One company can deal with all your waste and recycling needs
  • Nationwide Service
  • Dedicated UK customer service team

All these will take care of your paper recycling needs. A lot of care is taken to collect and segregate the paper and take it to a processor. Here the waste is sorted according to the type of paper, pulped, processed and turned into new paper or cardboard. The kinds of paper that you can put in our recycling bins are white or coloured paper, mixed paper, cardboards, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, envelopes and directories. This just about covers the whole range of waste paper that you can possibly have.

Entering into an agreement with us for paper recycling services is simple. Contact us and get a quote online. Call back with your affirmation. We will send you the contract papers online which you can fill in and email back. Our service will start within 7 days. Or better still, for more details, call 0203 137 5427 and know about all waste management solutions that we have on offer.

Please call us - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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