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Plastic Recycling

Plastic is one of the main causes pollution in the environment we live in today. Carelessly disposed of plastic sheets for example grocery bags clog up drain pipes and cause contamination to the water bodies. This is why there a stringent laws in place regarding the disposal of plastic waste.

We lay special emphasis on collection and the recycling of plastic waste products, this is strictly in accordance to the statutory legislation for waste management. These include HDPE and PET bottles, for example drinks bottles, plastic film packaging, grocery bags, rigid plastics such as container, down piping and packaging. These items must be put by the customer in the bins and bags provided by us, these are specially marked for plastic. This is then taken by us to a reprocessor for recycling into new materials. This reduces the cost of the remaining waste collection for you to be disposed of in landfills while it contributes to a cleaner environment.

 The collection frequency of plastic depends on the volume of waste and might range from daily to fortnightly. We will make an assessment of what exactly will optimise your periodic collection as well as costs. The bins and bags that we provide exclusively for recyclables are available in sizes to suit your convenience. Our service team has years of experience behind them in waste removal and recycling. To know more, simply email us your address and postcode. We will give you an instant quote that you will find to be amongst the lowest in the industry. Call us now at 0203 137 5427 for an honest opinion and advice on plastic recycling measures that you may need.

What speaks volume about our professional expertise is that we offer nationwide service with a dedicated UK customer service team. We are an all-in-one company that will take care of all waste management and recycling needs.

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